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Review of Reincar(Nate) by Michael Moreci

March 2, 2013

Do we live only one life or are we reborn to learn lessons unlearned? If we are reincarnated and live multiple lifetimes, what if we could converse with our past selves?

Reincar(Nate) takes these questions and provides a story that pays tribute to the stories that have come before it, takes a left turn and blazes its own path. It begins with a brief opening monologue from our protagonist Nate McCoy as he introduces the reader to his predicament. Nate is a private investigator hired to locate a kidnapped victim. After a near death experience he begins to see prior incarnations of himself who then help him in his pursuit of the kidnapper as well as those responsible for attempting to murder him.

I've been working on trying to explain what it is about this amazing story that has captivated me and which I've read and re-read half a dozen times since last week and words are failing me. I could sit here and compare Reincar(Nate) to everything that I'm reminded of while reading it, but it would become very hackneyed and would do a disservice to this wonderful work. That's the thing about noir, it may seem like something you've seen before, but if told correctly it becomes more than just a story. Reincar(Nate) definitely falls into the latter. When comparing this to most other comic books that I've read Reincar(Nate) transcends the idea of being just a comic book or a comic book that could be made into a movie. It is a fantastic piece of fiction, which I think if put in front of a large enough audience would pull in people from all over and offer lots of water cooler discussion.

With his work on Reincar(Nate) and Hoax Hunters, Michael Moreci has quickly become one of my favorite writers. I will be keeping an eye out for anything that he does. In short, if you find this anywhere, do yourself a favor and pick it up. You will not regret it. In fact I'm sure you will be passing it on to someone else saying, "Hey, you have to check this out."