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Hoax Hunters #13

January 8, 2014

The end of the beginning. With the season one finale of Hoax Hunters we begin to see the beginning of a new team as one of the core members takes off.

As has been the case with each successive issue the writing keeps getting better and better. i can't think of a more engaging writing team than Michael Moreci and Steve Seeley. The story flows well and the pace is perfect as we reach the finish line for the end of the first season. And the cliffhanger...what a kick in the teeth for one of our heroes. (Though are they all really heroes?)

The story begins with Jack injured and pursuing prey. After the title page it leads into a showdown with Regan and a demon. I have said it before and i'll say it again, my favorite character of the series is Regan and could read a whole series based on her character. Alas, this story continues to follow Jack in his pursuit and the rest of the team chasing him down. Again, i can't applaud Mr. Moreci and Mr. Seeley enough on their writing chops. i don't know what i'm going to do while waiting for the second season to start. (Well i do know - i'll be reading Michael Moreci's new series Curse from Boom! Studios!)

Also, with this issue a new artist, Christian DiBari, is brought on board. i was familiar with his work on Anathema and was interested in how his art style would fit in with the series. i really like his take on how you see Murder's skull face through the visor of his helmet and the the Jersey Devil looked appropriately grungy. One thing that really popped out at me though was the coloring of this issue. Mike Spicer knocked out of the park. i don't know what else he's worked on, but rest assures i'm going to be tracking his other work down.

This entire first season has been fantastic and i can't wait to see where the story goes from here and how the decisions made in this issue change the landscape of what is to come. i'm really looking forward as well to how Chris DiBari will continue to leave his mark on the art of this series as well.

If you haven't checked this series out yet it's not too late. Don't wait for the trades - go to your local comic shop and add it to your pull list.

On Twitter: Michael Moreci - @michaelmoreci Steve Seeley - @steveseeleyart Christian DiBari - @chrisdibari Mike Spicer - @spicercolor