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Hoax Hunters #11

October 8, 2013

After just finishing #11 of Hoax Hunters i cannot begin to praise the writing enough. As the issues have progressed each character has been refined much as if they began as a golem and were molded into human beings. The glimpses we began seeing in #10 regarding Regan and Donovan's pasts are taking the story to another level. They are becoming more human and less of just characters in a story.
The story begins with Regan and Donovan on the trail of the demon who has the Book of All Futures. The dialogue between Regan and Donovan and the peek into Donovan's past is the best writing to date in the series and the heart of this issue. Following what was going on with Regan and Donovan i almost forgot about the rest of the team because the writing is that engaging.
Balancing out the heaviness of Regan and Donovan's mission is the almost fun distraction the rest of the Hoax Hunters cast is involved in (Is hunting monsters while being in constant danger fun?). Down Regan, the boys (Jack, Ken and Murder) bring along the interns and get down to some monster butt kicking. The action is top notch and i breezed through these panels watching the events unfold. This isn't a surprise as great action sequences with phenomenal monsters are something that this series has had in spades from the beginning. From a cult with flaming skulls to inter-dimensional monsters to gnomes to demons it makes me wonder how they can keep upping the ante on jaw-dropping monsters.
In reviewing #10 i mentioned that the art of Tristan "T-Rex" Jones would be either an asset or liability for the series. While i wasn't 100% sold last time minus the specific panels i talked about, i can say with absolute certainty that he is the artist that is needed to continue this story. His style is in sync with everything that is going on and goddamn can he illustrate some horrific monsters and demons. i cannot imagine anyone who would be able to fill his shoes from how well the story and art mold together.
If you read my last review it shouldn't be a surprise that since we are learning more about Regan (and Donovan's) past i am really digging this arc. With the writing in this issue i am really looking forward to when the story dives further into Jack, Ken and Murder's pasts.
All in all this is a series that has gotten better as it has gone on. Which is saying something, as when i first picked up the series it instantly became a favorite. No more comparisons here with 90's television shows. Hoax Hunters is something special and if you are not hunting down the trades and/or past issues and you are not reserving your copy of future issues you are missing out on not just a well written/illustrated horror comic, but an overall well written/illustrated work of fiction.
Bravo to everyone involved with this comic. i am anxiously awaiting #12.

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The release date for Hoax Hunters #11 is October 9th and is published by Image Comics.