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Flavor 81: Hey, Teacher! Leave Them Kids Alone

May 24, 2014

This Flavor was recorded the night before Easter Sunday, but due to technical difficulties much of it's 2 hour run time has been cut. We had a great time with the golden voiced Geeq Shuq playing a game of Lyrical Acrobatics (yeah, that sounds like a good name), but unfortunately for anyone outside of us it probably won't be heard. In this edit we make it through talking about Supernatural, Arrow, Vikings and SotW.

A word of warning though the teacher from Peanuts makes an appearance and won't let Dan talk. As always though it's fun to have Senor Shuq on.

Nolan's Song of the Week is "Splinter" by Bubba Sparxxx from his Pain Management album.

This week's closing song is "Beheaded" by Demon Hunter from their Summer of Darkness album.

Remember, if it's not rotting something, it's not Soda Pop Talk!

Nolan and Dan