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Flavor 35

March 4, 2013

This week we run a little long with a full agenda. We talk about Supernatural, follow up with Garrett's TV character Hall of Fame nominees and historical characters he would fight, our video game character hall of fame, our television pitch for Company of Three and close it out with our mild/slightly more than mild spoiler review of Reincar(Nate). In case you do not want it spoiled for you, this segment is from 1 hr 22 min 55 sec - 2 hr 1 min.

Nolan's Song of the Week is "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye from his Making Mirrors album.

This week's closing song is "Drive" by Incubus from their Make Yourself album.

Special thank you to @michaelmoreci for the opportunity to preview and discuss Reincar(Nate). Check out his new Kickstarter for Mini Comics Included! here. And another special thank you to @geekygamerchick for her suggestion of a Video Game character HoF.

Remember, if it's not rotting something, it's not Soda Pop Talk!

Nolan and Dan